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This Week's Free Stock Market Update .

Sorry, but the free Weekly Update is no longer in service.





















From our emails that were sent out today (June 19, 2017).   There are only two items to discuss BUT they are extremely important as you will see.

1. You are now getting your free emails again ... for today.   (I did post the free updates every Monday on the website, so hopefully you went to the website to get them.)

2. As some of you know, I am in my 70's.   Yes, I'm kinda old by many standards so I am going to do what folks in my age bracket do or have already done.    Yes, I am finally going to retire.  So, Monday (June 19th.) will be the last day I send out free emails and do a Free Weekly (Monday) Update.
Most of you have been with me for years, so although I am very reluctant to retire, I do wish each and every one of you every success and happiness for your future.

Many thanks for your loyalty,
Marty (Chenard)

P.S.  Given I will soon be placing the business with a broker, you can still get a discounted price now if you are interested.   Just call Cindy or I at 828-296-1200.

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