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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are my links to access the Advanced Website?  First, if you have an Advanced Investor Subscription, click on the "Log In" on the left under Subscriber Links the you have to login using your Username and Password.  Your link to the Advanced Daily Updates or the Basic Daily Updates will be on your log in page. On each day's update, the summary is at the top, scroll down for the charts and analysis.

Email Questions and Problems ... When and how often will I get emails? Every morning, we post the daily analysis on each website and then send out emails with a synopsis summary and login link to the website, so we send them once a day in the morning. However, if we are likely to initiate or sell  a position during the day, we will often post updates in the afternoon on the website.  In such a case, you will be told ahead of time about when the update will be posted and how to get the posted update. 

"I stopped getting my emails, what do I do?"   If you know that your emails are not going into one of your spam or junk folders, then email us at and put "Email problem" in the subject line and mention the problem you are having in the message area.  Or, if you wish, you can also call us at 828-296-1200 and we will be glad to help you right away.  [back to top]

Can I get my StockTiming Update before I get my email?  Yes, you can.  Every morning we follow the same procedure.  We generally post the Advanced daily update first, which is usually done before 8:30 AM.  You don't have to wait for your email ... just login and go to the Advanced Update.  If you don't see today's Summary and link, then click daily link with the "day of the week" you want, and the update should be fully posted for you to see.  [back to top]

How do I cancel my Subscription auto-renewal?  If you do not want your Subscription to auto-renew, then you have to cancel at least one day before your renewal date. To do this, click the "Cancel Button" on your Membership Information Page. This is the first page that you come to when you log in.

When are the Advanced Updates posted, why are they not posted just after the the Market Close?  We begin downloading the data from the Market Close at 4:30pm EST, and some of the data doesn't even finish coming in until 7:00pm EST; then we begin our analysis, which takes overnight. Marty begins at 5:30am EST.  The Advanced Daily Updates are normally posted to the Website well before the Stock Market opens. Then, the daily emails are sent to our subscribers. If you want to see the Update before you get your email in the morning, go to and click on the "Log In" link. [back to top]