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"For investors whose goal is to earn enough
money for retirement and to not lose money along the way."

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Do you want cutting edge information that gives you a strategic advantage in the Stock Market that no-one else has?

Do you want information that will have you knowing when Wall Street or Institutional Investors are moving money in or out of the stock market?  This is critically important to know because stock market wins have a "direct correlation" with the movement direction of money.

Gone are the days when you have to get up and analyze the markets at 4 A.M. every morning.   Let us do the work ... we use our data and models, and provide you with critical in-depth analysis of the Stock Market.

Professional Money Managers also know that when money flows into the stock market, the stock market goes up, and when money flows out of the stock market, the stock market goes downThis is why we track money flows.

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Marty Chenard - Senior Technical Analyst

Marty Chenard, Senior Advanced Technical Analyst for has developed his own proprietary
analytical tools and stock market models

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Many of our investors are longer term, conservative investors for which we use our Super Accelerator Model.  The SA Model is conservative, and has an average of 3 signals a year ... and it catches the big moves as you will see. Click Here to read about our
Super Accelerator Model

Super Accelerator SPY's Free Stock Market Reports, Investing Tips and How To's:

  • RSI & Profitable Trading
  • Best Liquidity Levels
  • 1 minute $Tick data
  • VIX - Volatility
  • The Power of Institutions
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What Our Members are Saying...

"As usual, I greatly appreciate your insight and expertise in understanding the markets, but more importantly, I appreciate your sincerity and honesty, in these days of corporate and political malfeasance." Michael M.

"Thanks so much for all your help & insight during this difficult time in the markets." J.F.

"Just want you to know I think your service is outstanding. I appreciate it. Strong technical work and no B.S. Thanks."  Abe S.

"Your analysis and forecasting is unprecedented. I believe you're the first "advanced market technician" since the investing legend W.D. Gann. Keep up the good work, we need you."  Michael C.

"Marty's stock timing tips are the most accurate, most easily understood, and most strait-forward anywhere by far. Marty advised us about two months before the market crashed that it was coming and told us when to go to cash. He saved all of us a lot of money." Reginald N

"Your precise insights and advanced charting gave me the courage I sorely needed to sell my stocks and move to cash when facing uncertain conditions. I did so with total peace of mind--and no regrets. Your sell recommendation proved remarkably on target--almost to the hour of a shift in market conditions. Thank you for your calm and steady approach!
I am now a life-time subscriber."   Joleen S.

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Marty Chenard - Senior Technical Analyst

Marty Chenard -
Contributor for
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